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@CassperNyovest drops #SweetAndShort Album

@CassperNyovest drops #SweetAndShort Album

After weeks of anticipation, the Tsibipian leader has finally released his fourth studio album titled Sweet and Short and it sounds nothing short of jumping, both literally and figuratively.

Taking a Kwaito approach, the Lion King has described the album as a ‘club vibe on a capsule’, basically saying that he wanted to bring a party to our eardrums, and he further described it as his all-time favorite;stipulating that it allowed him to be free and express himself wholeheartedly without adhering to the pressures of the industry.

However the album has been met with some criticism, with certain fans dubbing it his weakest offering yet while others say it’s complete and utter fire- Tsibipians, we assume.

But if you’re uncertain where you stand, the album is available on all digital platforms so stream up and tell us what you think.


@CassperNyovest drops #SweetAndShort Album

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