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Chro tha’Gnostic ft Rawkus – Can’t Be Pimps

Chro tha’Gnostic ft Rawkus – Can’t Be Pimps

A Pimp is known for owning as well as controlling prostitutes, he arranges clients for them and then takes a huge percentage from their earnings. Now with that in mind, Carltonville’s 2499 two giants demonstrated to froth industry rappers how their level of lyricism is far superior on a beat that is smooth yet contains a haunting feel when you listen to the nexus on the melodies. Chro tha’Gnostic teamed up with his partner in rhyme Rawkus and their lyrical prowess is the engine on Can’t Be Pimps. Chro is a pacesetter as he beasts with his signature intricate flow. His raps are a lucid indication why he is incredible, so one can’t afford to be incredulous to these bars “I’m distinguished from these average Joes, at your shows/ Dapper clothes more than Braamfontein trappers know/ Suave master blows, that that nigga Cashis throws/” bet you have a bar face reaction just reading that.

Then Rawkus doesn’t even permit himself to slower the pace as he scorches the beat with his multisyllabic rhyming that proves to be another factor amongst others that he is pimp with words. His delivery is calm which permits the rhymes to be as fierce as ever. “Well the style is original and you can check the fabric/ not a trend no fashion on the last name basis, I’m the BEST not average/ Two fish, Pisces, even Jesus knows me/Reach the masses through my vessel - I don’t need a show piece/” Fire!!!

The rapport from the 2499 brothers is on par with Redman and Method Man. Chro is also on production and he is on the right path when it comes to creating a sound that captures the essence of rap music that is perennial. At the end you hear Big Jus (One half of Company Flow) saying “We all can't be pimps and we all can't rap/You got to get your dollars on 'cause it's on like that” which is an extract from the song 8 Steps to Perfection which is the inspiration of this joint. Chro and Raw are notable emcees and you can tell from this banger.

Peep the track!!


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