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#FreshFromTheGrill: Happy Birthday to @Miss_Nthabi ‘s #BrokenSilence gemstone

#FreshFromTheGrill: Happy Birthday to @Miss_Nthabi ‘s #BrokenSilence gemstone

Yesterday marked the birthdate to a therapeutic project from one of the most real souls to ever touch the mic and well vast about the movement that is Hip Hop. The Slaghuis team on behalf of the culture would gravely like to wish Broken Silence a happy belated birthday that is tantamount in decibels to the loud volume this project has impacted the many lives it changed into a better state.

She came back from a hiatus and thanks to her refined lyricism and broaden spoken word skill set, she sounds seamless with no signs of rust. The 6 track extended play pierces through emotions that were harboured for quite some time, the releasing process features multiple layers: from a cutthroat tone, to her aggressively venting about the villainous spirits in the music industry, not forgetting the conversational approach which is carried by hope hanging on its last thread when it comes to her personal matters.  So look at it this way the more you travel with Nthabi in her emotional voyage, the better you understand and appreciate her as an artist.

This is a treat, check out a segment on Status Update she was featured on where you get to grasp the florid creative composition.

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