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#FreshFromTheGrill: @RealSway unlocks his cold Cypher participants

#FreshFromTheGrill: @RealSway unlocks his cold Cypher participants

It is always a great thing to have a legend in the game visit your country and source out talent that is currently dominant in the same movement. The prolific radio personality by the name of Sway has been giving you the answers subsequent his Kanye West stint which went viral and birthed numerous memes. He has finally announced his Castle Lite unlocks cypher rappers that will own the stage and represent the entire nation.

The list features familiar faces as well as bubbling under acts, now the only requirement is for the rappers to prove how formidable they are with ferocious bars, ear capturing flows and just straight up having the best performance on the cypher. The flag wavers are Rouge, A-Reece, Nomoozlie, J Molley and The Big Hash so all that is needed is a true indication that as civilized as we are as a third world country, this jungle breeds different hyenas on the mic.

So get ready to witness the carnage, because Sway is a pioneer who’s been around since the humble days of The Wake Up Show alongside King Tech. They have shared profound conversations with legends in the culture and also gave a platform to mic rippers that created golden moments with either their dome pieces or writtens. The Castle Lite Unlock 2 day experience is going to be a complete jump off so get your tickets now

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