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#FRESHFROMTHEGRILL @SpeekaRSA presents Mreja – Shoot the Messenger

#FRESHFROMTHEGRILL @SpeekaRSA presents Mreja – Shoot the Messenger

So word on the street is that the 19th of April is going to be a pretty good day for mining gems that are from the treasure site that is Soweto. The prolific as well as Kasi Rap extraordinaire producer Speeka presents Mreja Shoot The Messenger EP.

Mreja is a Sowetan that is heavy with the bars and he never encounters a problem to deliver with his sharp bilingual tongue. You probably saw him on Sotra Cyphers part 9 beasting alongside One Way, Slash T and Zane just to mention a few. He also contributed on Sotra Cyphers first and second anniversary where he left the mic in ashes and the beat on life support. He also rapped on a marvelous instrument from Speeka’s beat tape and that is how the two got to form a Rhythm and Poetry bond and conceptualize as well as execute the long-awaited EP. If you still not familiar with the young monster that is Mreja then check out the Speeka presents Loux Artiste – The Craft which he guest appears on a song called Catch A Fade with other game changers: Infektist and Soweto Tshepiso. The interesting thing about track 6. S’gora is that Mreja and Speeka released two years ago.

So just so the countdown doesn’t seem like a drag, check out the tracklist below:

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