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#FreshFromTheGrill: @BigZulu_ZN feat @KwestaDaKAR “Ak’laleki”

#FreshFromTheGrill: @BigZulu_ZN feat @KwestaDaKAR “Ak’laleki”

Sleep is the cousin of death, the best friend to poverty if you are not super privileged and the pesky aunt that ends all parties if you are an extrovert to the key. With all of that being said, Big Zulu has released a new joint titled Ak’laleki (Unable to sleep) that alongside a national favourite Kwesta with his bass modulated voice on a banger that is produced by MB Zet.

The stokvel influenced sound inspires a more positive talk in a rhythmic tone that contains poetry in its well-heeled form. Both rappers impeccably widen the spectrum of the subject matter and to be honest almost everyone that is on a mission to gather bread can relate to this song.

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