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#FreshFromTheGrill: @BobtheStylist awakens positive self believe to the Black Boy

#FreshFromTheGrill: @BobtheStylist awakens positive self believe to the Black Boy

One of the essential elements of Hip Hop is Knowledge of Self and to be honest this could even be instilled outside of the culture. The nation is 25 years into democracy, with many bad doctrines which still need to be unlearned that were prescribed by colonialism, now Bob the Stylist one-half of Boys of Soweto is taking it upon himself to rewire the thinking of a Black Boy featuring Ginger on the hook. This tune is filled with nothing but conscious rhymes that are strictly focusing on elevating the mindset of a ghetto child inhabiting a realm of vile thoughts which translate to self-doubt and inspire self-contempt. So this is all about shifting the dynamic to a more fitting disposition that is blessed by the true deity which is uMvelinqangi. Emamkay’s production is influenced by the smooth Jazzy sound with a touch of Neo-Soul. The second verse will make you very emotional because it is an ode to fellow great rapper and very stylish soul by the name of Snooks the Style Junkie. Rest in Poems kindred, you are immortalized through music.

Boys of Soweto – Black Boy

Check out this new tune.

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