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#FreshFromTheGrill: @gadget_m is Back in Business with his new single.

#FreshFromTheGrill: @gadget_m is Back in Business with his new single.

It is always refreshing to see progression take place, it is like watching a unique product reaching its maturity phase whilst basking in the glory of monopolizing the market share and maintaining it on a product life cycle. That is quite an aptly analogy for Inspektah Gadget that hails all the way from Secunda and wears that on his heart wherever he travels to and breaks bread with Hip Hop lovers. So from the training grounds of street cyphers to locking horns with other heavy hitters in the extreme sport of battling, then being comfortable in the booth and lastly, releasing hardcore music.

Back in Business may sway your direction to thinking that this song is somehow an ode or is related to EPMD (Erick and Parrish Making Dollars) not at all. This is actually bringing bars back way better than Cassidy’s claims in battle rap. The inspiring speech from J Cole expounding on why new school rappers repel from spewing substance and showcasing an unorthodox form of art. Gadget raps his heart out with his hoarse voice that further strengthens the aggression in his delivery of thoughtful bars that are accompanied by suggestive solutions. He is back in business to divulge better raps and not conform to the foamed by hype and nonsensical content that is a new image of RAP. Monde Mondzz laces a rugged beat that would only need fierce rhymes or else it will swallow the rapper and fortunately Mr. Top Tier with his versatile flow accomplishes the mission.

Peep the track below: 

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