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#FreshFromTheGrill: @KussDiverse ft. Ondie – Lie To Me new single

#FreshFromTheGrill: @KussDiverse ft. Ondie – Lie To Me new single

The day where the nation cast their votes on the ballot paper is imminent and every age group is on the verge of electing who will be in power and which political parties will occupy the parliament. Now the creative Kuss Diverse from Poison City has incorporated that element in his new song called Lie To Me featuring the well-skilled songstress, Ondie.

Friends, family, education, politicians with their distorted rhetorics and bogus prophets and even unfaithful partners are all addressed in this song. Kuss is the victim of being heavily lied to simply because he is too gullible. The jewels in this track are precious and they echo a lot of peoples’ sorrows.

Peep the new heat.  

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