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#FreshFromTheGrill: @TumiMolekane is off the collaboration menu

#FreshFromTheGrill: @TumiMolekane is off the collaboration menu

The community has been moved by a tweet from one of the godfathers, architects, pioneers, icons, or living legend it really depends on what appellation you bestow upon appreciating the greatness that is Stogie T. He informed the masses on his sheer divorce to doing collaborations on other artists’ projects subsequent one last feature that is in the books.

Obviously, this comes as a shocking revelation for the industry and perhaps obliterated the young rappers or even his age contemporary fellow microphone checker’s heart with his assertive in tone tweet. He went onto to clarify the steam containing confusion when asked about his decision, the response was to say he isn’t writing the notion off ever collaborating, he will ask artists to guest appear on his material although he won’t jump on any.

He even listed his contributions that you might have lent an ear to and gone on to relish the piece of work.  

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