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#SubstanceOverHype Review: @Driemanskap – 24 hours in Gugs

#SubstanceOverHype Review: @Driemanskap – 24 hours in Gugs

24 hours is what a day comprises of that is just simple general knowledge, now imagine this you are down in the Cape Coast and opt to visit a location called Gugulethu. Sounds fun right? Well under the tour guidance of the legendary Driemanskap. You don’t have to marvel anymore, because in less than 7 minutes Ma B, El Nino, Dla and Redondo narrate everyday hardships that have groomed the four crowd movers and rhyme machines that are well renowned for their armament of tight content tools. This is a cypher called 24 hours in Gugs.

The number of quotables has reached an astronomical figure when you switch on your attention span and fully assimilate the bars that are a vivid depiction of the township that is vampire alley with carcass and those that share a sired bond with their master. The breeze is violent for the feeble minded that are also prideful in being slothful. Dreams crumble which leads to them being shattered into smithereens and births more despondent energy. The extended the verse the morbid the story gets yet one thing that you should never neglect is that Driemanskap manages to triumph and become a beckon of faith for the inhabitants. “I got love for loot but Reason don’t want to share his” Ma-B drops that for you in the mist of every other jewel that he shares with you. The Cypher is seamless in continuation of maintaining the bar raised by the previous emcee that spat. For Redondo crime was an option for a better life, however, getting incarcerated for a decade tested him and also was a catalyst for change. “Nawu uQala iDrama nge Episodes zeSeries” damn Redondo.  Dla and El Nino find the mic scorched and they resurrect it like a dark phoenix, only to increase the heat and burn your listening tools, you feel like you are inside a furnace. The solid flows are rapped well with the multisyllabic rhymes disseminated in isiXhosa with Cape Town’s dialect and dabble with English.

“Let us alone, we are too much, too nice” isn’t a pompous statement but a factual one. These guys have managed to put the Spaza Rap on the map globally.

Rate: 4.3/5

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