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#SubstanceOverHype Review of @Zakwe ft @StogieT & @Jay_Claud3 – Roots

#SubstanceOverHype Review of @Zakwe ft @StogieT & @Jay_Claud3 – Roots

Rap Music has taken much criticism lately in terms of repelling from the art form of lyricism, so in order for artists to garden airplay or popularity is if they water down the seeds of containing substance in their content and conceal that with a catchy hook and funky instrument, that’s the root problem nowadays. Zakwe is providing a remedy with a single called Roots that features the top tier lyricist Stogie T and one of the game’s hook killers Jay Claud3. This magnificent track starts with a guitar stringing you along as well as inviting your ears to what will be an onslaught with a very calm, elegant presentation of bars from Stogie T as he states “Before Nelson Mandela was on money/I was folding leopards you would swear it's origami/Wild life lessons, every death gave me life/Still-born, so me and Christ share a likeness/None like him, no Siamese/It's all timing/You can push hope it come out live but this ain't the gynae” dropping gems from the onset with brilliant wordplay. He shows his experience as he coherently shares his perspective on Roots, he also opens up about his birthplace and how that has shaped his purpose in Hip Hop and life in general “Born in Tanzania, that seems far-fetched/But none of you know the world that's in my closet/I make lines speak to the heart of the darkness/Everything hidden unless you listening with your conscience/It's taking revisiting lyrics to feel the content/”. Stogie does what is well renowned for and he proves why he won the “Lyricist of the Year” accolade at the South African Hip Hop Awards last year on merit.

Jay Claud3 then makes provides a great bridge with his chorus from a top notch verse from Stogie to Zakwe. He also reflects on his world view of his roots and how he could climb the success ladder.

Zakwe then drops a banging verse that is super dope, with a versatile flow accompanied by wit in the centre of his bars that definitely contains quotables. “We made dough without flour ekasi, it's where I rose/Ng'phuz' uTugela ne tap water that's how I switch flows/I've been down for the streets, and now it picks me up/ (I spit!) Straight from the dome, see now they wanna fill me up/” that just gives great detail on how his township roots have moulded his way of life, one thing you also need to do is appreciate the technique of laying the bars very well. He is the same high energy Zakwe you love on an easy yet fierce beat that permits him to just speak his mind. He also address the haters that attempt by all means to hamper him from ascending the charts with his music “We bypass those who are biased mas' release-a/You don't buy us bring the pliers/Negative mind is easy to minus/Division of labour must now multiply/You see they add lot of problems when they menacing us/They must, do the math from the previous lines/” this is a dope mathematics scheme. X Wise Beats allowed the trio in this track to shine with his production. This song is taken from Zakwe’s Cebisa album. So do the right thing and bump this fire joint!!!!

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