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#SubstanceOverHype Review of @267Shay ft. @itsjustjuniortv – Bala Bala

#SubstanceOverHype Review of @267Shay ft. @itsjustjuniortv – Bala Bala

The battle circuit in Botswana knows him very well as he shows face at most War Zone events, you can even see the camera focus on his reaction during L The Street Poet’s first round against the late great veteran Quaint The Faceless Artist for the championship title. Shay is on a mission to redefine the landscape of wordplay that is misused in modern times by novice rappers that still receive a standing ovation because of the engine that funds them. Anyway, he teamed up with Junior on Bala Bala.

Shay the hooligan as he christens himself in this track is strongly silencing the phony or better yet the not so reputable critics that just churn out folly words and the worse part about their ineffective efforts is that they fall on deaf ears. He is in a subtle way expressing how he is an ethanol lover which is inebriated in the booth, however, his bars are the instrument leaving all sorrows drowned. He flexes with his wit as he nonchalantly delivers “I’m a Pro/ I’m hot dog, I’m on a roll/” just to tease the punch line sponsors on this beat that is bumpy with a hardcore bass. He is all about effacing chit chat with unpolluted raps from a hip hop head and the aim is to ensure that a decade from the song’s release you could still play it back with no hesitation. Junior is far from epitomizing his name, to be honest with you; he accelerates the momentum of the bones smashing bars that he finesses with his hypnotic flow. “You keep your eyes open, I’m like a flippen spy scoping/ My mind is potent, better give them the right dosage/” he doesn’t drop the ball at all as he continues to go ham and ruses the haters in only to capture his victims with his rhyme pattern that reminds one of any Kool G Rap verse. One thing that can be easily detected is that these two emcees are well shaped when it comes to the crucial principles of rapping fluently and on this track, they possess athlete qualities. Shay’s second verse is unapologetically brutal and obliterating all these jiggy hype driven rappers should feast on male genitals and leave the rapping to people that are actually good at it.

One can confidently inscribe that Botswana was well represented on this one.

Rate: 3.8/5

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