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#SubstanceOverHype Review: @BEAST_RSA ft. @atm_sjava – Hello

#SubstanceOverHype Review: @BEAST_RSA ft. @atm_sjava – Hello

One of the best things in life is seeing your hard work paying off in an enormous way, paying dues is very essential because they shape one to a stronger form. Beast from Durban is appreciating his fair share of glory and he is witnessing the growth as well as the positive impression his music has on the Rap scale. He features a very prominent crooner in the continent by the name of Sjava on this very inspiring tune titled Hello.

This is a rags to riches narrative that even though you may not experience the latter you will relate greatly to the message from the Afrotainment signed rhyme exterminator. This single is radio friendly with a distinctive element of bars nicely packaged as motivation to uplift you and also channel progressive energy. The flow is very audible accompanied by his rapping skill set that once again shows that he is far from being a fluke. “Zolo lokhu bebes'buka okwama-reject/ Thath' ukubheka manje seziyakhipha njengo eject, sharp
Mfana kithi we nice, sesingakhala phela Kodwa eqinisweni siright/
Uz' ungisize wemfwethu, Ungalinge uphele umoya mtaka baba,Ungalinge uphele umoya mtaka baba” The nimble witted rhyming is incorporated well on those bars and still looking at the fact that we can all lament about the strife life yet that situation isn’t permanent, so don’t succumb to any form of undesirable thoughts. The rapport is absolutely amazing from Beast and Sjava because they share a similar tales of being late bloomers in this music industry as you are well aware of their past that was morbid. “Une-choice either uyavuka or you stay in covers/ Better get your act together like the Wayans brothers” is another cleverly written bar that clearly teases the mind of a sucker for good rapping. The tone comes across as assertive which is the best pragmatic approach the rapper could take in order to awaken the masses. The struggle is very real and in order to alleviate it, we all need to always believe in ourselves. This tune has added sauce with its sing-along hook that is impeccably executed. This song holds the potential of being a national anthem and ace the test of relevance by aging beautifully.  

Rate: 4/5

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