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#SubstanceOverHype Review: @Digital_Spook ft R Senic and Verbal Snatch – Here we go again

#SubstanceOverHype Review: @Digital_Spook ft R Senic and Verbal Snatch – Here we go again

Unity in Hip Hop is the reason most negative theories are demystified about the movement, massive respect has to go to Durban born now based in Tembisa vicious lyricist Syllable Skills for plugging us with the adept Rapper and Producer from the Beast Rand that goes by the moniker Digital Spook. He teamed up with two formidable dart throwers: R Senic and Verbal Snatch on the tune Here We Go Again.

The heartfelt frame of mind is what you will sail towards when the song pierces deeper into every chamber to unlock the vast emotions bottled in and emancipate you with their empirical perspective about the gruesome nature of life. This song will literally hypnotize you. “Maybe if I had a father, somebody to take care of Mama/ I wouldn’t be here to push commas, I would be back in college trying to get knowledge” that is just a straightforward way of depicting the dire situation ghetto kids find themselves incarcerated by and hustling in order to stack cents and rands seems to be the only way out of that plight. In an attempt to mend cleft promises only to discover the cure is in the verses. Aiming at the stars is a township dream, however, in a system that is simply intended to keep you down worse than gravity seems too impossible to overcome. Grit with the will of the Highest Power is the solution for this hard life that one is living, being a hard worker at a time where connections matter more than merit is a dark cloud hovering around Africans. The content form is consciousness and the three eloquent rappers uphold the principles to thoughtful raps with a foreign language and still, the subject matter resonates with every inhabitant of this continent. Good rapping is very much present in this track with all three cats playing a fundamental role in delivery centred wisdom. Ghost music did a fine job with the emotive beat that sucks you into the track. This tune is taken from Digital Spooks Ghost Music Empire mixtape that is very versatile in its sound and stylistic form.

Rate: 3.7/5

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