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#SubstanceOverHype Review of @ElijahTheEmcee - Trauma Based EP

#SubstanceOverHype Review of @ElijahTheEmcee - Trauma Based EP

It is a general sentiment in the world of Rap music that Battle rappers find it difficult to cross over from duelling with words in street corners to rhyming impeccably on beats and create quality music. That isn’t the case with Elijah The Emcee, as the Port Elizabeth native is denunciating that way of thinking with his 5 track offering called Trauma Based EP, after listening to it you will concur that the kraken has been released.

Hip Hop sets the tone as he separates the heavy hitters from the uncultured kids that seek fame and do this for the wrong reasons, zooming into the pros as well as the cons with fierce lyricism. His nimble flow keeps you glued to every bar uttered, “I’m painting a picture my canvas is the earth and stars/And I am painting great, you can’t tell if its Earth or Mars.” The wit in his bars is something you will applaud and his content will resonate with you even as a house music fan “On the other hand, wake up with Black Coffee I lost touch/Like Tira neglecting his friends yall need to pull your socks (Sox) up” he is rapping circles around competitors.

Try Me Mix features Anti BS the Beast Rand dart thrower and Cap City gunners N Veigh and Power Of Thoughts. You can’t help but bob your head to the various flows that are just displayed. The verses are very lethal; the ingredient used to body bag the beat is braggadocio with punch lines as the main attraction packaged beautifully with great word placement.

He then tackles a pen’s worst nightmare on Writer’s Block which is responsible for most cats downfall. As the joint starts you hear a pen scribbling on a paper and the unsatisfied feeling towards the content produced is demonstrated when he tears the page with rage. He snaps on the feeble writers "Take a minute or an hour just for a breather/ And I am sick of all these Facebooking cats and Justin Biebers/ Claiming that you are hot on tracks yet your lifestyle is the opposite/ Drop a weak script on the stage and gets props for it”. It’s always brilliant to identify problems then solve them and that’s exactly what transpires at the end of the song.

Things take a different tune on Good Guy turns F**k Boy where you hear him put his heart on his sleeves on a smooth Jazzy instrument. Things are rosy in the beginning then just explore a dark twist, you know the saying “Good girl gone bad?” well that’s what this track explores from a male’s perspective. The sharpness in his voice births a ferocious delivery which is a tool that is used wisely in the song, what you will conclude is that love is a far-fetched notion for the wordsmith…damn.

Nod Ya Head then wraps up the project with the hook repeatedly stating “Feel the art!!!!” which makes you just want to pump your fist whilst nodding to the dense flow that has been consistent throughout the EP. Mananz (he has produced work for EMC, Pro, Tuks, Proverb, JR and Zubz) did a stellar job on the balls of production ensuring that the Boom Bap sound connects with the mind, soul and body in this project.

This is definitely a great EP containing: dope lyrics, crisp delivery, creative rhyme pattern and sublime production packaging complimenting the fiery verses. Do yourself a favour and get the EP now.  

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