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#SubstanceOverHype Review of @Leo_IX ft. Shudu – Friends

#SubstanceOverHype Review of @Leo_IX ft. Shudu – Friends

Authentic friendship is a significant factor in this world filled with bogus beings that are scant simply because of no self-love and not content with their self-image. Even Distance Relatives which was a collaborative offering by the great Nas and Damian Marley they have a track called Friends which details the toxic nature of backstabbers concealed with the friendship title as apparel. Now the Pretorian Rapper and Producer Leo teamed up with Shudu to zoom into the opposite sex friendship dynamic.

The Jazzy instrumental evokes and prepares you for the grave content that is belted by Shudu which is an imprint that friendship is a solid foundation that relationships are built on and cement the true essence of love that is reciprocal. Turmoil arises in every situation and communication is a prescribed medicine by Dr. Leo in this regard with the most ear-friendly of raps that are dressed with a laid back deft flow. This is a truly inspiring track that could serve as therapy if you are heartbroken or sceptically about committing to a solid relationship “To all my niggas out here doubting the relationship aspect/ Get yourself a grip and stop with that nonsense/ My nigga it’s profit if you just add logic/To your emotions then you will understand a woman’s motive” now in an era where being a f**k boy is glorified, these bars are shaping a pivotal paradigm shift. The stain in life is when materialistic items have eclipsed matters of the heart and leaving most people’s chest wrecked. This song is very unique in a sense that it points out what most love songs don’t really shine the light upon and that is to say, nurture the friendship element of the relationship. The fact that Leo isn’t greedy with the platform hence Shudu’s appearance plays a great role in representing her gender and advocating for the feminine species. In the words of the late William Shakespeare, this collaboration is “a marriage of true minds” – one would swear that they are a couple.

This is a good song and it should be on your playlist even with Valentine’s Day currently a fading memory.

Rate: 3/5

Listen to the joint. 

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