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#SubstanceOverHype Review of Loux Artiste & MorseKode – The Ambience EP

#SubstanceOverHype Review of Loux Artiste & MorseKode – The Ambience EP

The finest of music was buried deep in the hearts of two top tier heads in this generation that hails from the historically affluent township in the world which is Soweto. On one hand, you have Loux Artiste, who is undoubtedly a words bender, with a pen that is fully loaded with sublime bars that speak volumes and directly get glued to your soul. And on the other hand you have MorseKode, a Producer that given an opportunity could cure the plague of nonsense music that is considered Hip Hop, his production sends more than chills down one spine it actually levitates the spirit with that sacred feel. The two heads joined forces to create a 5 track EP titled Ambience.

A Jazzy feel instrument that is ultra-smooth to the impeccable psyche is praised by an intricate flow that contains lyrics that are delivered with ease as the duo says Welcome To the Blues Room, in which a life journey is narrated by Loux when he puts his autobiographical cap on and pinpoints how music is the superhero in this track. The energy is very laid back with KT’Yana on the hook and a mellow sound that influenced the delivery that makes it easier for the rhymes and the beat to echo in your head. Then a more classic sound takes centre stage as it is sure to remind you of the era where Rap music in South Africa broke through the industry barriers and the land natives’ minds to unchain their perspective about the movement, Vapours is your head bobbing rhythmic tune that leaves you with a different aroma. What also hypnotizes the listener is the inconspicuous inhaling and exhaling aspect that is married to Loux’s bars and the beat by Kode. This proves that the connection between these two individuals is seamless, the dope joints thus far aren’t giving any impressions of any smoke and mirrors. Who said that lyricists never fall in love? Because Eleanor sets the spotlight on that scenario, which is a one verse track that covers relationship dynamics. You hear a soothing voice reciting the chorus from a classic song by Gangs of Instrumentals which is called Number One. The spirit of a very bright side of this beautiful thing we call a solid bond and the state leading to an abyss. Nothing is more golden then having a platform and utilizing it wisely, which is what Offspring embodies when Loux pens down a letter to the heir of his throne. He addresses the fact that he loves his son too bits despite factors hampering him from spending every second with his kid. Maturity was also displayed from Artiste when he apologies profusely to the mother of his child in a great rhyme pattern. Morse Kode is the destination of this extended play which marks the fact that the J Section sound is alive and well.  

“A chorus, you nice at first verse and second/

We were here first with this age you can’t curse the legends/

The rest look the same, past here rejected, carbon copy of a doppelganger transfer rejected/

At this point in my life, I rap better than Nas or any large group of rap veterans/”

Artiste is a beast without a shadow of a doubt yet one has to call him into order for saying he raps better than Jay Z’s kryptonite. Morse Kode is a producer that should be getting credit for the amazing work he did on conjuring a sound that feeds the soul and motivates Artiste to bring hazardous bars. This EP took one day to get recorded at R.E.A Studios where it was also mixed and mastered by Speeka. MorseKode, Loux Artiste and Speeka are the executive producers of this tape. This is most definitely good for the ears and it will carry you throughout the year.

4/5 is the rating.

Listen to the EP below

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