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#SubstanceOverHype Review of @MassTheDiffer ft. @casspernyovest – What’s Wrong with me?

#SubstanceOverHype Review of @MassTheDiffer ft. @casspernyovest – What’s Wrong with me?

A mighty co-sign from one of the most affluent rappers in South Africa can definitely kick start a musical path, bear in mind the rapper has successfully managed to fill up venue capacities that are enormous in scale. Abhuti Fill Up to many irradiated The Podium’s breath of fresh air Mass The Difference track and this was all made feasible when Mass tagged Nyovest on a tweet.

What’s Wrong With Me? That is a rhetorical question that almost everyone in this world has asked themselves and some even take it to the extent of being hopeful that the universe will give a plausible response. Well in Mass’ case the answer is this tune that contains a November pristine and relaxed long distance travel instrument that is very musical. “If you dancing with the devil do you go to hell and if you sleeping with an angel do you wake up in heaven?” starts a verse yet continues the strings of questions that are themed to perfectly follow the track title which prepares you for the philosophical angle that will vividly define the joint.  Echoing Chro Tha Gnostic’s sentiments on Untitled when he asks someone to open their ears and gulp the lyrics. Then Cassper’s verse is something completely different from the usual, he has silenced a lot of people that doubted his rap proficiency as he addressed grave situations such as the Instagram gender-based violence video that featured popular culture stars in South Africa with no repercussions to radio populated with politics which also alludes to the fact that payola is the only way you can topple charts. He also defies the distorted reality that is sold as an honest lifestyle when he spits “B**ches acting like they working for their racks you fooled/ Meanwhile these married men are paying for their bags and shoes/ I hope you know that these your girls are depressed by you/” that is exposes the bitter taste of “Glorified prostitution and you barely care!”

Cassper then extends his blessings to the young duke with sagacious words. This is a good timeless song.

Rate: 3.8/5

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