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#SubstanceOverHype Review of @MrBUySkeleM – Madiba Facez

#SubstanceOverHype Review of @MrBUySkeleM – Madiba Facez

Durban seems to be the melting pot of raw lyricists in the country, even the force that is known for being an Ill Flow architect in this era was birthed by the 031 code. Syllable Skillz now resides in the Beast Rand yet his roots are from the coastal parts of the nation and that is evident in his wavy with substance ocean flow.

Recorded by Corrupt that gets a shout out when the Madiba Facez is a super dope song that’s produced by a Cap City shining star by the moniker Qassim and he laces up a boom bap beat that will lock you in a trance and inspire you to recite the hazardous bars that are delivered by the Syllable master. The new parlance for cash in South Africa is Madiba Faces, now the way Skillz approaches the angle is not to water down his artistic craft and have the song’s identity resonate with those that are all about opulence which then spits at the soul of the underprivileged. He looks at the daily struggles of lacking the salient paper that has an imprint of the former state president of the land and how one can go about utilizing their talent in this world. Whilst rocking to the rhythm of the beat, the fierce metaphor slinger paints unblemished pictures in a storytelling format that makes you vibrate to the painful feeling of his pockets not containing a lot of Madiba faces. The scope is widespread as he touches on politicians and even law enforcers upping their pace in order to have money. “I see Madiba’s faces smiling at my situations/ I’m paper chasing, trying to see some better places/Like Suburb architecture, so I hope you get the picture like an art collector/ I’ma rock for the love and the money treasure/” The smooth running delivery that makes you recite the lyrics and also marvel at the clever use of content tools is too sublime to hear.

This song is for the heads and masses that know that the truth is behind lyricism which births to uplifted minds through potent poetry. This single is taken from Syllable’s golden and versatile offering called Buy Skelem EP.

Rate: 4/5

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