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#SubstanceOverHype Review of @NoksMatchbox – The Clikitty

#SubstanceOverHype Review of @NoksMatchbox – The Clikitty

Raising the Dobsonville section flag really high and focusing on putting the Soweto location on the map, his contribution to Kasi Rap is an inspiration and even pressuring Rand McNally in featuring Noks Matchbox as a landmark on the next edition of an Atlas. He dropped visuals to his single The Clikitty which is produced by Speeka who is labeled the Dr. Dre of Kasi Rap.

The video starts off with the screen showing you no signal plus no sound for seconds then Kahle Kahle leads the way with construing Noks’ vision in a lucid manner. Noks’ lad opens the door and walks out of the premises wearing a grey hoodie and then stationed in a four-room that still has unpainted walls showing the type of bricks that built the house as the vicious Kasi Rapper starts distributing his rhymes that are describing the plight of being incarcerated by the dark side of the neighbourhood. He laments in the beginning whilst in the kitchen, so you can only guess that his food for thought is literally cooked as he raps facts about the impure reality that is sheltered by poverty. The scene change signals a different mood when he is now in the backyard and he addresses crucial matters that are faced by a bona fide lyricist when the walls of the industry close in on you and shatter your dreams. He delves into the perspective of hustling different and not auditioning your craft in order to escalate the number of zeros in your bank account. He does express his gratitude whilst in the backyard to his day ones that have been with him since the days of Relate and Straatmate which are singles that form his exceptional body of work. The immaculate visuals keep the eyes glued to the quality of the project. Kahle Kahle didn’t attempt to be fancy yet understood that simplicity is effective. The House was used to the better of its ability because most lyricists compose their artifacts in the studio that is shown in the scene where he has a verbal altercation with a hater that is concealed as a member of his wolf pack and the most important thing that could be discerned is that music is potent medicine to society ills.

The song contains insane quotables dressed well with a superb flow and head bobbing bars and incredible beat. This is definitely one for the books.

Rate: 3.7/5

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