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#SubstanceOverHype Review of @Nveigh - Peanut Butter

#SubstanceOverHype Review of @Nveigh - Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter is a spread that is never missing in most households across the land, it is very healthy, contains protein and most gym freaks will advocate for it in terms of how it gives one gains. Now N Veigh the Cap City Rap City legend has been murking beats for eons and had a string of notable features that helped solidify his profile, subsequent being the victor at the Nik Naks MC Search Competition, where he bagged R30,000. One element that has been elusive in his accomplishment box is that the shelves or culture was missing his album. Well wait no more…Because Peanut Butter is now available for your listening pleasure.

He kicks things off with a banging tune that is produced by Nyambz which contains a James Brown (the father of Soul) sample, Rocking WithThe Best. Its gloves off when N Veigh starts to rap, you can tell he is sending a message to anyone that thought his Achilles heel was releasing a project and his R30K sting was just a fading memory.

He then shows that writing him off is a futile exercise as he is Too Cool and his nimble flow eases you into his witty punch lines that are a missing factor in the game. “Then you come and speak to me/ Sounding like Hov, But you looking kinda Bleek (Bleak) to me/” is his way of just stating how he is far superior in the cool realm. King Blu did an impressive job on production.

Ginger Trill makes an appearance on A Lot which is nothing short of greatness, his writing ability is incredible with a twist of elegance in his delivery. N Veigh doesn’t slack one bit, he didn’t want to experience being a Jay Z getting bodied by Eminem on his own track, remember Renegade? This track is quite dope because it dissects what leads to the saying “Thug changes, love changes and best friends become strangers.” Mayj C the finalist of The Beat Makers Market beat battle 2018 does wonders on production as well as the hook.

Then onto Control which takes you through the feeling of being besotted by someone and they just seem to have you strongly wrapped around their fingers. Holy provides a smooth instrument that melts you and you will sure get serenaded by Delite on the chorus.

Summer 95 is a different sound which contains a local sample from Ntokozo – All I Need which will be sure to take you down memory lane, shout outs to Modia Shole. Now N Veighs switches up from the punch line/lyricist that he is to a rapper that can make a party track that makes you smell the braai’d meat, visuals girls wearing their summer outfits with luminous colours as well as a number of boys in the scene to balance the ratio and the theme is totally chillas.

Then an impressive home brewed sound features on Guala which is basically a direction that Kwaito would embark on if it was still alive, Caask Acid does well on production as well as that catchy hook that will get you dancing and not break a sweat, N Veigh on the other hand just beast with his dope rhymes and slick delivery.

Beautiful comes to play with hefty emotions displayed with incredible rhymes to complement that soothing Jazzy feel and the magnificent horns blowing courtesy of Mayj C’s production. Decency is a vocalist that many need to look out for; his rapport with N Veigh is simply one for the books.

He gets back to his grimy, street and heavy punching style on DENNEBOOM produced by Beatmochini. It has that Boom Bap feel with crazy streaks of bars in the mixture.

He gets to storytelling with vivid imagery on JAMESON & SUNGLASSES produced by Modia – maintains the Jazz element on this project. This song zooms into a dipsomaniac’s life that is also a womaniser. The art of how he narrates the story is riveting because you can see that Jameson half poured in a glass, yet the ramifications of what transpires once it has filled up his system is glass shattering.

On Whisper you get to hear N Veigh become a smooth operator and he laces down his mack game. Zaddy Swag and AB Crazy add a new age dynamic that would make this song resonate with what is demanded by the market nowadays.

Then FIRST OF JUNE hits your core spirit when you take the time to appreciate Le Klas sick’s work on production the sound is Jazz influenced. N Veigh rolls up his sleeves and isn’t afraid to ink this song with blood from his heart as he talks to his offspring. Explaining the dynamics of life and professing his love to his son. He is shifting the paradigm that most men are LOST N**GAS!!!!

He doesn’t stop touching your heart; on Thoriso he pays his respects to his late ex-lover Thoriso Tlhagasoane. This is one of those songs that will make you tear jerk, in fact this will make you feel like giving your significant other a call and pour your emotions out by appreciating them. Caesar Siseko handles production so well that the beat and verses are so inseparable.

Peanut Butter which is the album title is the icing to a beautifully baked cake or a spread that you would always be loyal to when you make a sandwich. He expounds on what peanut butter actually means in this song. He is appreciative to God for showering him with blessings and granting him an opportunity to grow in wisdom compared to his youth days. Decency tails the album with class.

This is a definite must have album and it will sure stand the taste of time. Do yourself a favour and own a copy or else you are missing out. To be honest it was worth the wait.


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