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#SubstanceOverHype Review of @OfficialFonZo – (Who You Calling) Cliché

#SubstanceOverHype Review of @OfficialFonZo – (Who You Calling) Cliché

So last time you came across a Port Elizabeth slayer that took you straight to the realm of lyricism was Elijah the Emcee, now Fonzo is no different as he represents his region and does so with a sprinkle of the Cape Coast influence on his flow, delivery and pen game. (Who You Calling) Cliché is just one of the tunes that you have to sit down and filter in the content that is advocating for the tarnished voices that the current crop of gatekeepers in Hip Hop would refer to as murmur material.

Now the inspired Fonzo delivers an appreciating form of a portrait on this song as he spews the truth and gives you a detailed story of where he honed his skills alongside his cypher mate and where he has managed to perform his tracks not forgetting his stacks under the car seat. He also addresses the loathsome nature of fickle fans that would clothe themselves as “Critics” as they always opt to hurl spiteful remarks, he states it better when he says “Boy got drive like a German auto/ you f**king with us? No, please be logical, Ya’ll be too (two) negative coz that makes positive” that is smartly layered with an assertive tone delivered and this is why this dude is just a monster. Then he further alerts you on how bogus your circle could be when you ascend to a better position in the game. He carries on with his beast mode energy and doesn’t rob you of great wordplay and glassy rhythm in his rhymes. There are galore reality raps in this song that is a lengthy verse for it not to move your spirit; he also knows how to break away from monotony with interesting onomatopoeia. To be honest this is a hazardous intro for an EP called Vol 1: The Return of the Boss Don. Its common knowledge that “There’s nothing new under the sun” and for Fonzo to revisit this cliché that many thoroughbred heads will resonate with on a personal level by repackaging the message is just pure genius. Hip Hop needs to reciprocate the love that purists continuously show towards the culture and perhaps then the nation would have better music. In the words of Fonzo “See they don’t make em like this no more” and on that note, this simply echoes the reason why Substance Over Hype reviews is here to curb all the nonsensical products that are polluting the minds of people.

Rate: 3.9/5 

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