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#SubstanceOverHype Review of @OtarelWorld - Numbers

#SubstanceOverHype Review of @OtarelWorld - Numbers

Now very few rappers in this era where the internet seems to have eclipsed the streets manage to do the groundwork so well that respect seems to be synonymous to you whenever their moniker is mentioned and the Eastern Cape born, then groomed in Durban with Poison City playing a major influence in her rapping skillset which made it easier for her to acclimatizing to the J Section environment. Otarel is making waves with her dynamic ability to always go on beast mode whenever you hear her on a track and teaming up with Purple Keyz the beat terminator is something for the books.

Now Numbers is a heart-piercing joint that will surely make you bump your head to the boom bap beat with “The Big Bang kill” being the objective from the emcee. This song exposes the gluttony as well as unscrupulous activities that take place in the Rap game, which then hampers authentic spitters from seizing the moment and gaining the recognition that they deserve. The Bars simply separates the bogus yet glamorized to a point where they headline Hip Hop shows to the overlooked vanguards. Otarel distributes back to back hazardous rhymes which make you react to her 32 bar verse and undergo a number of different emotions. “I’ve discovered more ways to make money all day/ No Jay, no Ye, No Drake, No Wayne/ Just mics, blood spills cats bleed always/” that signals the alpha of an onslaught in which mid verse she switches to her native tongue IsiXhosa and continues the carnage. She is a gifted wordsmith that is multidimensional with her flows and makes you feel her unapologetic delivery that in all honesty celebrities that started their rapping career should follow Otarel as a study guide. She then expresses her gratitude to the brand instance disciples of the Hip Hop movement and those that have supported her through her journey that came across icebergs that attempted to sink her gift, however, she got home brewed strength. It would be insane if you bet against her, she has delivered unforgettable performances, she is as hardworking as your favourite rapper and raised the bar here on Slaghuis TV.

This single is from her EP titled Chromosomes which promises to be an eargasmic experience judging from how fiery Numbers is, can only leave one stoked.

Rate: 4.3/5

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