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#SubstanceOverHype Review: @PdotO_SA ft. Thokozile – Kingdom Come

#SubstanceOverHype Review: @PdotO_SA ft. Thokozile – Kingdom Come

The streets are buzzing with whispers and loud chants, for now, is the time Kingdom Come, now it’s natural for you to quickly assume that this is about Jay Z’s 2006 album release. Not at all, it’s a ballad poem from one of the greats that wholeheartedly represents Cap City Rap City known as P Dot O. He is with Thokozile the extremely talented songstress that is swiftly belting notes on this reflective piece which will surely have you identified as a rapt listener.

The art of rhyming whilst not betraying the principles of maintaining a thematic notion is still alive and breathing well in the mainstream with this track serving as irrefutable material if anyone had to bicker with you. “I stay moving like a mission/ Basically I’m cruising I’m crushing competition/ Matter of fact the music is a premonition/” is how the verse opens up then you can just program your head to accept a lyrical charge with armament of extended metaphors, similes and punch lines that he brings forth with his usual fierce delivery. The science of coke blended with wine is the type of penmanship that is carrying the track. An irate tone is detected simply because most people are oblivious to the greatness that sets him far apart from the majority that he far exceeds, however, a saddening fact is that he is still seriously underrated. His writing is on a different expressive style which contains intricate components; some bars are caught at a later stage so take your time when you listen to such music.  Subsequent mentioning global iconic beings that have shifted an oppressive system and those that have made a vast effect on people of colour, he then raps about his coping mechanism which is him redefining beats with his blessed by the Highest of Powers hymns. Taylor Made Beats created a precious stone and the production is melodic. With that being said you should most definitely share this tune with your friends and get spiritually uplifted because the Kingdom is finally here.

Rate: 3.9/5

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