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#SubstanceOverHype Review of @Spokes_nificent ft. @Blaklez @PdotO_SA & @Zaddy_Swag – Rappers Are Liars

#SubstanceOverHype Review of @Spokes_nificent ft. @Blaklez @PdotO_SA & @Zaddy_Swag – Rappers Are Liars

Rappers are regarded as role models in today’s generation whereas back in the day it was taboo for the society to accept Hip Hop as part of their everyday lives. Now being an opinion leader needs you to be clued up on the ins and outs of that particular field, which most people believe Rappers are but Spokes denounces that entire way of thinking on his song Rappers Are Liars.

The track is different in a sense that the first half of it panders to Trap lovers, with mumble rap taking centre stage and perhaps inspire you to dab. Zaddy Swag the Pretoria’s future sound expresses how incredulous he is to the lies sold by rappers in their projects; they should do away with distorted stories. Now as a head in the movement, you question whether Blaklez and P Dot O would ride the same wave with their content and mid-song the instrument changes. The 2Pac and Jon B Are You Still Down sample then it switches up to lyrical warfare directed towards feeble and compulsive lair rappers. P Dot O’s slick talk goes as far as capturing the imagination of even the market the vibe with the previous sound of the song. “Tell the truth in your raps b/ Wavy behind bars like my name is Max B” now that is insane and the nonchalant delivery doesn’t give away the wordplay which brightens the bar. Then the Rap version of Steve Biko picks off from where his fellow rhyme partner left off. His very mellow delivery accompanied by carnage motivated bars that are also ascending the souls of bogus rappers. “You in the street corner watching us dominate the metropolis/ It’s a blow out, we are here they aint no topping this/ Say it with your chest to get punched in the oesophagus/ You predictable, load shedding aint no shocking us/” that is only the beginning of the verse.

This is a good tune that focuses on supplying to the demand of the masses on how striking a balance between what is the current sound with pure raps isn’t blasphemous at all. And this is a request to all the rappers just stop lying and jam to this tune. 

Rate: 3/5

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