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#SubstanceOverHype Review of @TheOrison ft KT'Yana – A Woman Being

#SubstanceOverHype Review of @TheOrison ft KT'Yana – A Woman Being

So you have heard elders state “You strike the women, you strike a rock” which is a potent expression that injects courage and strength to females that are facing hefty hurdles of oppression. A woman is a significant part of humanity as well as can nurture life and ensures that purpose should be fulfilled. With that in mind, the heart-melting A Woman Being reflects a dark plot that affects the females in the world.                                                                             

Orison is a Krugersdorp native that has found a home in Cap City, this versatile Poet, Emcee and Producer composed a pensive song that taps into the tapestry of the fabric of life that proves to be a steep mountain to climb for this particular woman. The easy Jazz instrument prepares you for the ton weighing emotions that are conveyed through well-crafted rhymes and a flow that mirrors the beat. The woman in the song is considered a pillar of strength that is a mother to two kids and she single-handedly goes out of her way to provide for her family. She gets drawn into a lifeless abyss when she gets swallowed by decisions of selling her soul, she gets into prostitution and that results to her health getting affected by the monstrous disease that has claimed many lives in the world. The storytelling in this song is so captivating from the beginning and the thought process is incredibly coherent. KT’Yana’s contribution is heavenly as her voice sticks to the soul when she sings her lyrics on the chorus. The conscious raps blended with icing the serenades you whilst relishing the Boom Bap rhythm of the tune is most definitely a great way of delivering such thought-provoking and heart shifting content.

Rate: 3.9/5        

Peep The Tune below: 

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