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#SubstanceOverHype Review of @Tony_Dangler – Whats’s It All Worth

#SubstanceOverHype Review of @Tony_Dangler – Whats’s It All Worth

What’s it all worth? Is one of those burning questions that you pose to yourself when you dive in the bottom of a pool of profound thoughts, the plot isn’t different for arguably one of 033’s rhyme slinging best emcees, matter of fact Tony Dangler should be on everyone’s top five dopiest rappers especially if you are married to the movement.

The advanced polysyllabic spitter with a dexterous flow continues to not hold back on Whats’s It All Worth track, he is setting the record straight with his marvelous rhymes that are spat at a higher frequency and Snapple top facts. The braggadocio content direction is executed with brilliance as he resurrects memories of Big L’s content form. The delivery is super calm and that is a Tony signature which permits the bars to star as the protagonist in this flick. “Mighty moves, silent dude on a bubble like some Iron brew/I define the cool, you n**gas tinny tunes/My mind’s a jewel you couldn’t find with minor mining tools/ My principles (principals) you couldn’t find in schools.”

The rhyming scheme in the second verse is overextended as he shows some people find it difficult to go the whole nine yards and the Sprite Uncontainable talent search 2013 winner shows how his flow is too elastic for anyone that thinks they are equivalent to him. Blaq Faith did one healthy job on the production with a golden era-defining boom bap beat and be warmed the trumpet will echo in your head the whole day, it might even just be a mantra for meditating. This is the second song that the two incredible heads worked on and honestly, a demand for more could just cure the scant nature of Rap music nowadays.

Rate: 4.3/5

Peep the tune below:

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