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#SubstanceOverHype Review of TUG – Heal Your Soul Live Performance

#SubstanceOverHype Review of TUG – Heal Your Soul Live Performance

When the best in the game opts to combine forces then something miraculous transpire like getting experimental music that directly focuses on cleansing the contaminated congestion that taints the purified art form. That is exactly what Tony Dangler the multies specialist as well as an unorthodox rhythm pattern when he raps in all dimensions and Dankie Umunt’omnyama the laid back delivery beast that is well renowned for his slick bar placement in the Kasi Rap sphere. They are both are known as T.U.G which means Time Reveals God and their Heal Your Soul Live rendition is what you are going to explore.

The live band gives you music that is simply medication for thine psyche, the live instruments from guitar strings to the bold sound of a bass adding gravitas to the tone of the song. The chorus is a sing-along that inspires the soul to scream “Heal your soul” even the diaphragm gets rejuvenated from the musical nourishment that hits the heart with accuracy. This is a feel great track that constantly elevates the frequency that carries one’s energy into a positive bright. Tony’s approach is more relaxed yet has you moving to the well-composed melody that is easy to fathom that this song is the ingredient that is missing from every product that is released by pharmaceutical companies. Darkie, on the other hand, takes you on a journey of his raps that are mightier than any form of incantation that foes want to concoct to hamper the two sacred figures from remedying the situation. “The ultimate goal, all the music is to heal your soul/ I make you hear the healing in my tone/But maunekinga awukon/ Mabhathi uBlind kimi awuboni/” lovely layered raps that stirs you to the end of the tunnel and strips the negative chains that would seriously have you second-guessing what is brought to the table by these two fine artists. The band does an extraordinary job with remaining in tune and also knowing how to boost impactful bars with the way they are in sync with every word uttered. This is music that will be carved in the Hip Hop stone for eternity. The camaraderie in this band is noticeable and should they keep up with the same energy throughout their journey they will be ranked amongst Tumi & the Volume in the Rap game and Fela Kuti & Egypt 80.

Power to the healing of many souls (Fist pump in the air)!!!

Rate: 3.9/5

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