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#SubstanceOverHype Review of @TumiMolekane – People Of The Light

#SubstanceOverHype Review of @TumiMolekane – People Of The Light

It is about that time again when we dig in the crates and find platinum that cemented the foundation of this art form that is widely accepted now. This signifies the humble beginnings of a resolute street poet rapping in a foreign language in South Africa and is at the brunt of a myopic society that deemed his offering very taboo. A Dream Led To This… was a project that was released back in 2002 and it embodies the core of lyricism.

Now faced with a mission to remove the masses from an opaque state of mind to completely converting them to People of the light in what is advanced Shakespearean sonnets on a boom bap rhythmic instrument that leaves one assimilating the luminous words from a focused Tumi that lives up to the fact that he is a pioneer in the movement. His complex writing is addressing the poignancy of division that has drained the life out of society, although he counter attacks it with positivity “Can’t look me in the eye staring down my shoe laces/I reside from the same God that made you screw faces/The same God Buddhist, Hindus and Jews praise kid/But you tighten grips on your suitcases/I let it slide coz I just don’t do hatred.” The solid rhythm gets the point across in a poetic way that demonstrates how the art is a tool that should be utilized to plant seeds that will yield immaculate fruits. The legend that is Tumi then carries on dropping gems “I concentrate on mine giving minds a new facelift/We too sacred to make minor feuds break us/Chill at the spot where the baselines are blues takers/And rhyme to flutes played with… infallible patience” this is a clear indication that with a lucid world view one could donate rhyming skills that will benefit the posterity of the nation and remaining strong at will. There is only a small percentage of emcees that could manage to brawl against the hate reality simply pours at us as a community and a person of colour. “Fast forward to the present and the beast that’s still at call/Change your face and name at least you spoken for/This is the same oppression my peeps can ill afford/Privatise basic health water and minerals/Analyse ancient change and slaughters on the news/But my people still generate a glow in the room/I hear the wind whisper love I’ll be coming home soon” The impact this song had in the culture made a lot of rappers realize it is okay to be conscious with heavy hitting content that will meltdown the system that perpetuates separation.

This is most definitely a certified classic brought to you by Slaghuis TV so do the most and listen to it.

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