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#SubstanceOverHype Review of @YoungstaCpt – Yaatie

#SubstanceOverHype Review of @YoungstaCpt – Yaatie

Nicknames are quite interesting because they cite either: a trait that you embody or it’s how your neighbourhood identifies with you from childhood to when you start tasting adulthood and that’s exactly what Youngsta CPT demonstrates on Yaatie when he fills your brain canvas. This is the third single from his debut album called 3T (Things TAK3 Time) which is a 20 track project. So today on Substance Over Hype you get a two in one special, where a track and music video are concurrently reviewed.

Now Yaatie contains that K Dot Humble feel to it, the content is very fresh with him detailing what transpired from his birth year which is 1991 with the gang violence, drug peddling and knowing a lot of his lads incarcerated in prison. This is an autobiographical perspective from Youngsta CPT which depicts his neighbourhood in an extremely lucid manner. His brings you closer to his everyday life, he can’t really stay on social media and capitalize on the wave that most artists are compelled to follow as they seek relevance simply because “They tell me I should be on Snap Chat, I should Tweet more/ The Problem is I am on the corners with the Street laws/ They ask me who I am, man I say I am Rick James/Right before I really waas them what’s my nickname/” then the chorus proceeds when it highlights that he is “Yaatie”

Now on the visuals an establishing shot welcomes you to the grimy cite of Wittebome, Cape Town and it draws you closer to the main attraction which is the South African Hip Hop Awards victor for the 2017 Lyricist of the year sitting on the wall with fellows playing a dice game. Then as he walks down the road spitting bars, the inhabitants start following him and next thing you know it the entire neighbourhood is behind his back.

He further breaks down what shaped him and made him street savvy with a very playful delivery that compliments the production that is painted J Beatz all over it, one thing you can’t take away is the high level of conviction that Youngsta has on his bars. He mentions his uncle that was a menace to society, then he touches on how his parents were very good people, his father has since left the face of the earth (Rest in Peace to him) and that his mother loathed his nickname which he doesn’t concur. She is probably proud of her son for rising above the social ills has consumed a lot of young people. The chants of his real name “Riyadh” then the song is tailed by his grandfather’s voice Boeta Shaakie Roberts who is also the narrator of his highly anticipated album, however, that isn’t the case with the music video as it starts with the Grandpa’s voice. The story is translated very well on the visuals directed by Imraan Christian.

Song 3.5/5 

Video 4/5

Check the music video for yourself 

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