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#SubstanceOverHype #TBT Review of Pro Kid – Soweto

#SubstanceOverHype #TBT Review of Pro Kid – Soweto

Seeing that it is a Thursday it is only right that you travel down memory lane with a Hip Hop tune that truly defines what a classic is and also defined an era. So it is only right that as Slaghuis we appreciate the legend that is, was and always will be Pro (Linda Mkhize) and we feature Soweto.

The two verse song that is an ode to South Western Township which embodied the size of the biggest township in the Southern hemisphere in terms of impact in the rap game. Pro Kid as he was referred to at that time, with his skinny voice has a rather assertive tone when he recites his lyrics that contain: very luminous multisyllabic rhyming, witty wordplay, phenomenal golden flow and back to back punch lines that have you undergoing various emotions whilst digesting content and obviously conveying the lucid imagery of the township. With very layered bars like “Hand you over to All Stars don’t kick your converse/ I was ill back then but now I have gone worse/You don’t suffer from bad luck boy you were born cursed/ Coz every time it’s your turn you take the wrong curve/” The savvy art of braggadocio with double and triple endtendres which easily supersedes any form of competition makes this song very timeless – he then brings in the township version when he rhymes “It's true though, and if you acting like you know/Double tacking your style and two feet you like Judo/I'm ghetto like kids on the corner playing Ludo/With little pieces of stones and bottles wherever you go/I'm ghetto like hood-rat chicks with Chuck Taylors/Or gossiping over fences with next door neighbors/Like law breakers, but there's a stoep for raw papers/On corner shops gambling living the law's takers/They mock makers, masters of drugs like stock takers/” you can already envision that entire depiction. He further demonstrates why he is a Professional rhyme slayer whilst still fulfilling his purpose on the subject matter when he says “Maseka heroes and the skilos they get broken down to zeroes/With the Madiba's the Hector Peterson the Steve Biko's/We tussle and hustle as they juggle with the soul/Muscle we struggle and bubble from the darker side of the African jungle/Maybe face devil with the lives like Crazy 8’s/Estimate these weights and you get knocked like I was Baby Jake/Without the gloves knuckles on your face is all get/” He celebrates icons that have Soweto embedded within their DNA and the unfortunately they have all left the face of the earth. Omen also did justice on production with an instrument that will ring on your head all day, it is well painted with the 70s Sophiatown feel that any South African can easily resonate with and the Afro Centric sound that is heavily boosted by the drums. This is undoubtedly an timeless song and just a reminder that the visuals of Wozo Bona at the end has a snippet of the song Soweto which is shoot at Slaghuis. So there you have it, your first instalment of a Slaghuis Throwback Thursday trip to classic songs and digging in the crates.

Rest In Poetry Linda Pro Mkhize 

Enjoy the classic tune

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