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Fresh From The Grill

@rickyrickworld: #COTTONFEST2019

The innovative fashionista was the talk of the town among cotton eaters last week, when he announced South Africa’s first-ever #CottonFest which will take place on the 2nd of February 2019, set to provide a sense of unity through fashion, music and street culture.

With the early bird tickets already on sale, you better hold onto your hats because this one is for the books!

Fresh From The Grill

@MrCashtime PARTNERS with @Studio_88

The renowned skhanda rapper took to twitter to announce his partnership with @Studio_88 for his @skhandaworld clothing line last week Tuesday, speaking on distribution difficulties he’s had in the past, hence he feels exceptionally blessed to be in partnership with such a clothing mogul.

Fresh From The Grill

@akaworldwide’s Platinum Celebrations

The platinum-selling artist was out @RichDurban this past weekend to kick start his platinum celebrations, which will be a series of parties going around the country to celebrate #TouchMyBloodPlatinum, in which he intends to personally extend his gratitude to the #Megacy for helping him reach platinum status for this latest body of work; Touch My Blood.

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