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Fresh From The Grill

#FreshFromTheGrill: @CastleLite has unlocked the cold @MeekMill as a headliner on day 1

With winter around the corner, the sugary breeze has turned into a sharper dagger which could cut through your body and freeze you throughout the season, now that isn’t ideal at all. What will make this winter bearable is the fact that Castle Lite has unlocked Philadelphia rapper, Meek Mill as the headline artist and the masses have lost their minds.
Fresh From The Grill

#FreshFromTheGrill: See @Kwesta_DaKAR’s wedding experience on visuals of his new single Khethile Khethile

Nothing rings sweeter than wedding bells for a couple resolute in their mission to fully embody love which will efface the vile nature of this generation and also inspire the community at large to see the item as the modern Sonnet 116 reflection. This pretty much prepares you for the exquisite visuals of Kwesta’s Khethile Khethile single which incorporates a joy-filled journey of his wedding day with his beautiful spouse, Yolanda Vanessa Mvelase.
Fresh From The Grill

#FreshFromTheGrill: @BobtheStylist awakens positive self believe to the Black Boy

One of the essential elements of Hip Hop is Knowledge of Self and to be honest this could even be instilled outside of the culture. The nation is 25 years into democracy, with many bad doctrines which still need to be unlearned that were prescribed by colonialism, now Bob the Stylist one-half of Boys of Soweto is taking it upon himself to rewire the thinking of a Black Boy featuring Ginger on the hook.
Fresh From The Grill

#FreshFromTheGrill: @Shane_Eagle flocking with @lute_west9 and a fly single is promised

If you have been following Shane Eagle from Vuzu Hustle or when he released his debut album Yellow which contained a lot of soul from instruments produced by SP Dupp to his simple yet very precise with conscious lyrics, to his EP titled Never Grow Up then you will know he is always setting himself apart from popular wave moves. Now he is in the horizon looking at the industry like “They aren’t ready for the heat that Lute and I have in store for them” this is all from an Eagle’s eye view.
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