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Fresh From The Grill

#FreshFromTheGrill: @Shane_Eagle flocking with @lute_west9 and a fly single is promised

If you have been following Shane Eagle from Vuzu Hustle or when he released his debut album Yellow which contained a lot of soul from instruments produced by SP Dupp to his simple yet very precise with conscious lyrics, to his EP titled Never Grow Up then you will know he is always setting himself apart from popular wave moves. Now he is in the horizon looking at the industry like “They aren’t ready for the heat that Lute and I have in store for them” this is all from an Eagle’s eye view.
Fresh From The Grill

#FreshFromTheGrill: @ginger_trill bands with @TopGogg and soon to drop a project

One of the most trillest spitters in the globe has punished the booth so gemstones with a twist of an experimental sound could be produced for your listening pleasure. You don’t have to be incredulous or perish from impatience, because thanks to Instagram your favourite Ginger Trill all the way from North West is back with a project titled #TopNTrill which is an EP.
Fresh From The Grill

#FreshFromTheGrill: @RealSway unlocks his cold Cypher participants

It is always a great thing to have a legend in the game visit your country and source out talent that is currently dominant in the same movement. The prolific radio personality by the name of Sway has been giving you the answers subsequent his Kanye West stint which went viral and birthed numerous memes. He has finally announced his Castle Lite unlocks cypher rappers that will own the stage and represent the entire nation.
Fresh From The Grill

#FreshFromTheGrill: @Rawbeats_SA ft One Way – Infinite Power

In recent weeks the media was overly flooded by the record-breaking The Avengers – End Game flick that is 3 hours of action-packed, quirky script and emotional scenes. Now let’s use Dr. Stephen Strange’s infinity stone so we can rewind time to Infinity War which is a penultimate movie from the quadrilogy series of the ultimate Marvel Comics Universe superhero offering.
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