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Fresh From The Grill

#FreshFromTheGrill: @ShabZiMadallion debut his new single We On Fire

No one can doubt the work that Shabzi Madallion has put on since the spotlight has been shed on him. Guest appearing on many songs, dropping dope freestyle covers and who could forget the monumental deal that he landed by joining the Sports Scene family. The culture is still applauding loudly with interminable cheers for the West Rand upbeat diamond that is gradually leaving radiant imprinted footsteps.
Fresh From The Grill

#FreshFromTheGrill: @MellyMelMusic & @BeatMochini Every Friday cube vision

For most people that are grinding for a better tomorrow up their pace during the week and find time to repose on the weekend. Now imagine this Every Friday you listen to an extended play treasure that is as cold as ice cube and Smokey hot…see what happened there? Anyway, Melly Music and Beat Mochini are the solution to a very hectically demanding week from your hustle with a joint project that will be released on the 24th of May.
Fresh From The Grill

#FreshFromTheGrill: @EtceteraKai1 vs. @SpeekaRSA drops Street Anthem as an sign of appreciation for yet another milestone.

Enoch Sontonga is well renowned for composing the South African national anthem so with no hesitation it suffices to state boldly even that he will forever be carved in our hearts. Just made you feel and smell the patriotism scent in the atmosphere, well that is honestly tantamount to the emotions that Street Anthem will leave you with courtesy of the Diepkloof, Soweto mic holder that is a general to the right soldiers Etcetera vs. Speeka a salient producer in the Rap domain
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