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Fresh From The Grill

Celebrating #15YearsOfSlaghuis Event Video. This is what went down.

This year marked 15 Years of Slaghuis bringing the realist Hip Hop from Soweto. the platform has birthed a lot of artists that have gone to make it in the commercial state. We where also remembering legends like Ben Sharpa, Pro Kid, HHP and Flabba with a mural painting in the memory. A lot of people come to show love to the movement and as well we shot South Africa's first Gind Cypher so don't forget to check that soon on our website. #Jayeeih

Fresh From The Grill

@youngstaCPT drops #YVR

No less than a week after releasing #Mzala2.0 with @SeanPages, The Kaapstad General has blessed us once again, with a track titled #YVR which is the first offering from his upcoming album #3T and is further an abbreviation for ‘Young Van Riebeek, making for a very interesting concept indeed.

Fresh From The Grill

@YungswissPgp drops #BottomBaby2

After two years of waiting, the musical genius has finally blessed us with round 2 of what he calls #BottomBaby, causing his fans to go straight bananas!

In less than 24 hours, the 14 track album has already been dubbed a need to the music industry, with fans describing it as sonically beautiful, and we couldn’t agree more.

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