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Fresh From The Grill

#FreshFromTheGrill: @gadget_m is Back in Business with his new single.

It is always refreshing to see progression take place, it is like watching a unique product reaching its maturity phase whilst basking in the glory of monopolizing the market share and maintaining it on a product life cycle. That is quite an aptly analogy for Inspektah Gadget that hails all the way from Secunda and wears that on his heart wherever he travels to and breaks bread with Hip Hop lovers.
Fresh From The Grill

#FreshFromTheGrill: @KhuliChana to announce release date of new album and other ventures

The Motswako Originator has over the years manage to ride the pertinence wagon without compromising the legacy that he has built as a Morafe member and a soloist later on his music career. Khuli Chana is undoubtedly a legend in many eyes within the culture and his contribution to building this skyscraper that is Rap music is duly noted and highly appreciated.
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